What Ingredients Are in VigrX Plus?

Vigrx Plus is the latest supernatural Male Enhancement Pills or capsules available widely in the market. It is clinically proved that these pills have a natural formulation to enlarge penis size, grass, and even penis erection. These supplements are purely safe and users rely on these supplements without worries or misperceptions because of it definitely comfortable safe product to increase sex life. Even these are herbal pills that blend you with prolonging benefits and results without any side effects.

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Full List of Vigrx Plus Ingredients:

1. Catuaba bark extract:

the natural herb heightened the sexual arousals and treat the male sexual problems.

it is the best natural sex booster herb not only treat sexual dysfunctions but also to have antibacterial and anti-HIV activity.It influences nitric oxide levels in the body or has an influence on testosterone.so it enhances sexual functions. Finally, it acts an energy booster to resolve the male enhancement problem without exhaustion and increases performance as well as virility.

2. Muira Pauma bark extract:

The best herbal ingredient used in Male Enhancement Pills to enhance male sexual desire, treated with erectile problems and impotent. It is also called potency wood that can treat sexual debility, fatigue, neuromuscular problems, and rheumatism. Research shows Muira Pauma has antioxidant properties, protecting the brain from damage. Animal studies indicate it may have memory improving potential. Even Muira Pauma has the ability to relax the corpus cavernosa of the penis, thus allowing for engorgement. Another study indicates that Muira Pauma may block an enzyme known as acetylcholinesterase and also helps dilate blood vessels in the genital region. So this ingredient increases the sexual frequencies during intercourse and fulfills long sexual desires.

3. Bioprene:

Bioperene is the Male Enhancer Herbal with potential sexual health benefits.It is effective dietary supplement has the ability to increase the bioavailability enhancing sexual desires.It boards with the main nutrients like vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids etc. , which helps in providing blood circulation activity to all chambers of the penis and which in turn leads to a bigger harder erection.

4. Asian red ginseng:

It is fleshy root herb belongs to genus Panax family found mostly in North America and Eastern Asia(China, Bhutan, Korea etc.). Widely used for treating the erectile dysfunction.It has been clinically analyzed that about 50%-60% of men who are above 40 of their age recovered through erectile problems. It is researched that principle of red ginseng is to cause relaxation of corpus cavernosal muscle, it results in increasing the blood flow to the penis through its related materials. This makes male penis thicker in size and stronger erection. So it provides healthy and satisfying sexual life.

5. Damiana:

The natural leaf and root that increases the men power and improves harder erection problems. This is mainly found in America, Mexico, And West Indies.Its Leaf and stem used for stimulation purpose, increasing staying power, enhancing penile erection quality, as well as fulfilling male orgasms. Damiana has been used to relieve anxiety, nervousness, and mild depression, especially if these symptoms have a sexual component. The herb is used as a general tonic to improve wellness.It actually boosts up physical and mental stamina. It treats sexual arousals, sexual dysfunctions.

5. Epimedium leaf extract:

This ingredient is popularly used to overcome through male erection dysfunction. In Asia this is popularly known as”Horny Goat Weed”, the leaves are used sexual performance problems including Erectile dysfunctions (ED) and involuntary ejaculation. It is also used to arouse sexual desire and copulating actions. This ingredient shows positive results in male sexual functions.

6. Ginkgo leaf:

This leave is purposely used as a supplement in Vigrx Plus which enhances mental clarity, enhanced memory, and focus which enhances sexual arousals. The University of California at San Francisco researched that it enhances near about 80% of people with these stages sexual abilities :

(1) desire, (2) excitement, (3) male orgasms, along with (4) afterglow.

It also enhances cognitive functions also.

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